Karura Forest


Located in the northern part of Nairobi city, Karura Forest is 1,041 hectares,  making it  one of the largest urban gazetted forests in the world. Its managed by Kenya Forest Service in conjuction with Friends of Karura Forest.Plantations cover 632 hectares while Indigenous trees cover 260 hectares of the forest.
The forest is home to a number different wildlife including the Harvey`s Duiker,Bush Bucks,Syke`s & Vervet monkeys among others. Some birds including the African Crowned Eagle,Narina Trogon,Long Crested Eagle,species of Weavers can be seen on a good day. For lovers of butterflies,you will not be disappointed,to say the least!
Other Attractions includes;

  • Mau Mau caves
  •  Scenic waterfalls and rivers
  •  Picnic sitesMarked walking trails
  • Small wetlands that are habitats for birds
  • The incinerator formerly used by Central Bank of Kenya to burn old currency notes
  • The area about which the late Professor Wangari Maathai carried out a campaign against illegal acquisition of forest land.

Biking( Cycling)
Site Seeing
What to carry:  Resident Cards Picnic lunch, extra bottle of water, sturdy biking shoes and a hat.

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