Mt.Longonot Hike


The name Longonot is derived from the Maasai word Oloonong’ot meaning mountains of many spurs or steep ridges. Longonot Park is 90 km from Nairobi and covers 52 square km, most of it being occupied by Mt. Longonot – a young volcano rising to 2,776 metres above sea level. The sides of the mountain have beautiful V-shaped valleys and ridges. 
The stony soils have little vegetation but the crater has an impenetrable forest. Due to the nature of the terrain Mount Longonot has no roads and visitors hike to the top and rim of the crater.
Major attractions - Extinct volcano and crater forest, scenic landscape, views of Lake Naivasha, Mt.Eburru, Mt. Suswa and the Great Rift Valley.
Activities: Hiking, Birding and Wildlife viewing. 

  •  Meet at the National Museums of Kenya at 6.45am; depart at 7 am to make it to Mt. Longonot by 8.30am.
  •  The hike up to the rim takes a couple of hours, though going up the 4.1 kilometres to the rim of the crater can take anything from one and a half hours, depending on your speed and stamina. 
  •  Have a picnic lunch & hike down, afterwards leisurely descend to the starting point then depart to Nairobi.

Cost: Ksh 3,000/- caters for transport ( tour van ), park entrance fees ( non- residents pay extra entrance fees) and extra bottle of water.

What to carry: Picnic lunch, extra bottle of drinking water, a hat.
Optional: Binoculars and a camera

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